Do You Want To Be A Successful Real Estate Investor?

Do You Finally Want To See Real Results From Your Real Estate Investing Business?

Tired Of Going At This Alone And Not Getting The Personal Help & Support That You Really Need?

Does It Feel Like You’re Running In 12 Different Directions At The Same Time?

Sick & Tired Of Not Getting The Results You Want From Your Real Estate Business?

Today the MADNESS stops!

Right now, I have literally just a couple of openings in my private and exclusive ELITE MENTORING PROGRAM.

I’m going to layout an overview of what’s included in my elite mentoring program below so you have a full layout of what you can expect and what you’re going to receive when you do the very wise thing of applying to become my next elite mentoring student. I believe very strongly in setting proper expectations.


This is a limited availability 1-on-1 Elite Mentoring Program. I do not work with just anybody, and I reserve the right to deny any application for mentorship according to my parameters. DO NOT apply until you have read through this page. If I receive an application from you, I am assuming you are ready NOW. Capice?

Does This Sound At All Familiar To You?

  • You Know Real Estate Is Viable Option For Creating Wealth.

  • You Know More Millionaire’s Are Created In Real Estate Than Any Other Industry.

  • You Know It’s POSSIBLE!!

  • Heck, You’re Committed To Pursuing Financial Freedom For Yourself and Your Family No Matter What …

  • BUT…

  • You Find Yourself Confused, Tired, Frustrated, Going In Every Direction.

  • And You’re Sick and Tired Of Wasting Your Time and Money – All For Little To No Results.

I know how it feels. I’ve been there. It’s okay if you’re frustrated and angry. I was too when I invested tens of thousands of dollars into my real estate investing education but didn’t get the support I needed. So many darn courses, books, webinars, seminars and training programs.

Every single day you’ve woken up and been disappointed when you looked in the mirror, as you wonder what happened to that dream you promised yourself you would achieve. You’ve tried course after course, strategy after strategy, only to experience disappointment after disappointment.

The worst part, you had no idea you were fighting an invisible enemy the entire time! It wasn’t your lack of discipline or effort.

It was making the monumental mistake of going at this business alone.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to continue to be this way for you. Today we can fix this foundational problem once and for all.

You’ve seen my story. If you haven’t just click the “About Steven” tab at the top of this page.

You know that when I started I had gotten burnt by so many programs and courses. I invested tens of thousands of dollars on my education and was still was getting nowhere. Thankfully by grace I did not give up. I’m guessing you’re reading this page because you too are an overcomer and are determined to succeed no matter what.

I finally had my big breakthrough when I came under the wing of a true 1-on-1 personal real estate mentor.

I didn’t breakthrough by going to some fancy seminar or leveraging my life savings on a big national real estate program. No I broke through via a personal mentor who actually cared.  Who had my back and who helped me to understand this business once and for all.

You can do the exact same thing.

In my opinion getting a true, personal 1-on-1 mentor is:

THE SMARTEST, FASTEST, ABSOLUTE BEST Way To Get Real Results In Real Estate. Period.

Every successful investor, (truly successful) investor in the whole sense of the word, didn’t get there from going to a seminar, going through a group coaching program, or through buying a real estate course.

Sure those things have some value, but not the type of value that leads to you making money and changing your life. Sure they might get you pumped up and motivated for a couple days. Maybe a week!

Sure they might help you to understand general concepts and basic terminology. Yes, you might even understand the big picture of how things are supposed to work. Hint: Things never work like they are supposed to!  Am I right?

Let’s Get Brutally Honest Here. Ask Yourself:

  • Will any of those things above actually help you to get results and make real money in the real world?

  • What happens when what you learned at the seminar or what you learned in the course gets thrown out the window by this thing called “the real world a.k.a LIFE” ?

  • How are you to know what to do when things hit the fan and don’t work like the course or the seminar said?

  • How will you know exactly what to do when you have hundreds and thousands of little one -off questions throughout the different phases of your business?

Can I Share The Truth With You?

  • This leads to a vicious cycle of self doubt, second guessing, fear and absolute overwhelm.

  • What most people do is spend years hopping from course to course. Program to program. Strategy to strategy.

  • This is the LONGEST, HARDEST and MOST FRUSTRATING road to success. And unfortunately it’s the road most traveled.

You can invest in all of the courses, programs, all the software, all the manuals, all the group coaching, all of the “hacks and cheat sheets”  and you’re still going to have at least a thousand unique questions that you MUST have answered along your specific journey.

Each one of the truly successful investors that I mentioned above (and I actually know quite a few of the bigger names in the industry) they all made it by working with a 1-on-1 mentor who was personally there for them in their corner. Through every phase, every lead and every big decision they needed to make in their business.

I mean that is how it’s done. And if you’re honest with yourself and really think about it. It just makes sense.

So if this is something you know that you need, whether you’re brand new or you’ve been at this a while, you’ve come to the right place. You don’t have to keep spinning your wheels. I broke through via a mentor and you can do the exact same thing.

Right Now, I Have Literally Just A Couple Of Openings For My Private and Exclusive ELITE MENTORING PROGRAM – So Apply Today.

*This is mentoring that is with me personally. Not my team. This is NOT group coaching.

Why Am I So Confident This Works?

Because I am simply doing EXACTLY what my original mentor did for me. This is how I broke free. There is absolutely no need to re-invent the wheel. It’s worked for me personally and it’s worked extremely well for those I’ve had the opportunity to work with first hand. I’ve been blessed to work with hundreds of individuals who just like yourself were looking for personal help and personal support.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out the what they’re saying here:


So without further a-do I don’t wanna keep going on and on about why this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. You can decide that for yourself.

I do however want to share with you an overview of what you’re going to get when you become a private student inside my 1-on-1 Elite Mentoring Program.

So here it is. Pay CLOSE attention because this is NOT like a regular “coaching or mentoring” program …


What this IS NOT

Group coaching, classes, seminars, workbooks, homework, weekly phone calls, Facebook group chat support, etc …

What this IS:

A one-on-one apprenticeship/partnership with me personally for 12 months. We are basically just doing business together. You are going to learn the business by DOING the business, with my expert guidance.

What you get:

You Get Me Your Corner

No longer do you have to go at this alone. Period. This is absolutely HUGE and it’s truly the difference maker. You’ll have me in your back pocket and finally receive the personal help you need to grow and scale your business.

The hundreds of people that I’ve already coached and mentored say that it’s a much more intimate and real approach than they’ve ever experienced before. Unlike other mentoring or training programs, you and I will develop a personal connection and a sincere, long-term relationship. I truly care about each and every one of my students.

That means you get access to me as your coach and mentor PERSONALLY — not my team. You get my phone number and my email, and I respond quickly, often, and with care.

In case you might be wondering….YES! I’m still actively investing in real estate and NO! I do not just “pump people” through my program. I don’t work with hundreds of people at a time and this is NOT group coaching.

I typically work with just a handful of students at a time. I do this so that I have the time to actually work with you and develop our relationship. When I realize I’m getting too busy I simply close the doors until I have a few more students graduate.

A Custom Game Plan That Is Specific To YOU and YOUR GOALS.

I’m going to help you come up with a custom that is specific to YOU and YOUR Goals. I don’t believe in a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach.

Together we are going to dive deep on exactly where you are right now, exactly where you want to be 1 year from now and exactly what you need to do with MY GUIDANCE to get there.

I’m going to actually listen to the things that you are struggling with and help you to work through these obstacles. One by one and step by step.

No longer will suffer from the exhaustion of second guessing yourself every two seconds. All of that fear of what to do next will be gone. Anytime you have a question you’ll simply call me and we’ll discuss it.

Do You Want To Know The Longest, Hardest and Most Expensive Road To Success In Real Estate?

Believe it or not, it’s actually the road MOST traveled. And it’s the #1 biggest mistake that virtually EVERYONE including myself has made who’s trying to breakthrough in real estate.

Wanna Know What It Is ?

It’s trying to save a buck and figure everything out by yourself. Justifying that it’ll be good for you to learn the hard way and pay your dues.

Yes, real estate can make you financially free. It can give a life of freedom! And you can free up your time to build something truly special.

Many wanna-be investors struggle and never reach their goals. They try and try and try, doing their very best. However in the end they wind up wasting valuable time, energy and resources, doing all of the wrong things.

To make matters worse they experience stress and fear at every turn. Often times pursuing multiple different strategies. Feeling overwhelmed. Second guessing themselves each step up of the way. Until finally they get discouraged enough and give up.

Why Does This Happen? Why Do Some Fail While Others Succeed In Real Estate?

The ones that fail go at it alone.

One of the things I believe I’m gifted at and my elite mentoring students tell me over and over again is that I help them keep it simple. I help to keep them focused only on the things that will lead to results.

Remember the old saying?

“He who chases two rabbits catches none”

So profound and how true. In this social media and information age there are so many things constantly competing for our attention.

It’s kind of like this:

“Distractions and interruptions are two of our chief competitors today in reaching success. You must learn how to effectively minimize these two forces in order to win.” – Eben Pagan

When I finally “got this” and began to focus on mastering one thing at a time, things started to change for me.

Success tip: Commit to mastering one thing at a time. Go DEEP, not wide. You don’t need to be doing 12 different marketing activities to generate leads. You are much better off doing 1-3 things extremely well.

I help each of my students to only focus on a couple of things at time so they’re constantly making progress.

And the coolest part with this method is we gain traction so much faster. Because this is REAL LIFE. This is not some seminar. This is how real growth and learning takes places. You learn by doing – which is an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship style relationships are how the world used to operate back in the day with weaponry and locksmiths and all sorts of other professions. Today it’s becoming more of a lost art.

Suffice to say you’re now going to transition from study mode to action mode, which is exciting because that’s when you start to get results! When you get stuck or have a question, you simply ASK and I help you through it.

You’re going to LOVE this method because it FEELS GOOD – because you are on the offensive. You are making progress. You are growing and being productive and effective!

Your Video Implementation Student Training Center:

In my one-on-one elite mentoring program, you will have full access to seven video modules in your very own student training center, as well as personal support and advice from me.

This is ever-growing and ever-improving. These step by step training videos are a small but powerful piece of what you’re getting in my mentoring program.

They were birthed out of my 1 on 1 mentoring students asking me questions, and me thinking …Wow, that’s a great question, I bet my other students might be wondering this as well. I know, I’ll record a video!” And boom over the course of the last few years, this training center has been organically formed.

That’s why I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt these videos will help lay the foundation for you.

Please note I am NOT just going to be sending you these videos and then sending you on your way. No! This is simply where you will learn what to do to get things moving.

Any time you have a question or get stuck we get together and solve it. So you will have my support each and every step of the way! Cool?

So Let’s Dive Into What’s Inside Your Training Center:

  • In your student training center there will be 7 modules which will begin to form your education in this business. And it’s all broken down for you into easy to digest phases… so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

  • With over 85 step by step videos from yours truly, this is your over the shoulder guide about what to do and how EXACTLY to do it. I designed this to be an implementation program, so that you learn this business from start to finish by taking action!

  • Each module is designed for you to progress through once per week. However you can proceed forward at whatever pace is comfortable for you. You’ll have a few clear-cut action steps to implement so there won’t be any guess work for you.

  • At the end of this program you are going to have a full fledge real estate business built and running.

  • You’ll have the marketing, the systems, the leads, everything you need in place and running.

  • You will be well on your way to developing and building upon some amazing new skills sets that will serve you for the rest of your life.

  • Just follow exactly what I say to do, and you’ll be well on your way to getting your next check or wire in your hands by the time you have implemented the action steps. It’s that simple.

Are You Curious What You’ll Be Learning In This
Amazing Student Training Center?

I thought you might be!

Here’s A Snapshot of What’s Included Each Module:

Module 1: Building Your Foundation

  • Discover a powerful framework and structure which will help you build a solid base to your business so you can become ultra-profitable – in your first year!

  • Learn how to identify your perfect “target market” that you’ll do business in and master.

  • Identify the best possible time to work on your business and get crystal clear on what you are going to accomplish by the end of this program.

  • You’ll learn how many people you have the potential to impact. The are some very important reasons to feel really good about what you do as a real estate investor. Getting clear on this is vitally important. This will do wonders for your confidence! Most people just don’t understand this.

  • The 30-30 plan, what it is and how it will change your life.

  • How to avoid one of the biggest killers of success in our culture – interruptions and distractions. Plus how to overcome daily doubt, fear, and procrastination.

  • Discover the “Think Like A Warrior Affirmations” that I use in my life that has helped transform my thinking from fear and timidity to strength, boldness and power.

  • We’re getting you prepared to acquire deeply discounted properties then turn those deals into FAST CASH.

  • How to become a self sufficient real estate investor and entrepreneur.

  • In a nutshell, we’ll be setting up your investing business so that it is setup like a money making machine. (A business that is lean while scalable)

Module 2: Prepare To Dominate

  • You’re going to learn about ethics in wholesaling and how to perform your role the right way so you can avoid getting into trouble and doing this business the WRONG way.

  • How to get the probate side of your business set up and running so you can have the absolute hottest leads coming into your business daily.

  • What information you need to gather from your local courthouse to get your marketing dialed in for probates.

  • You’re going to learn when you should setup an LLC – should you set this up now or later? What are the benefits of having an LLC? How you can do this cost effectively so you can protect your personal assets?

  • How to go about setting up your voicemail, addressing your mailers, and branding your business. This is extremely important to be done correctly so you can have maximum exposure. It’s very important to think through how you are going to be presenting your business to your market at large. Do this right and you’ll have floods of business. Do this wrong and you will hear crickets.

  • You’re going to learn how to operate your business efficiently on the time you have available.

  • You’re going to learn the 3 skills you must develop in order to enhance your results in this business. Do this right and you will 10X your business. Do this wrong and you will struggle.

  • We’ll be annihilating all the fear and insecurity that may be running through your head this very second that has probably prevented you from getting the results you’ve wanted so far.

  • If you have ever feared: being rejected by sellers or buyers, experienced the frustration of being overwhelmed, your market being to saturated, feared being sued, feared actually succeeding and having the responsibility of owning a real business, feared staying organized or simply feared talking with people, negotiating, filling out contracts,…then you’re gonna absolutely love this!

Module 3: Marketing Execution

  • You’re going to get the “ultra mind-map”, the 50,000 foot view to building a massive real estate investing business so you can easily make sense of the “marketing” aspect of your business. (Most people just do not “get” this and it keeps them stuck for years) Hint: Marketing is EVERYTHING in this business and you’re gonna learn how to do it..

  • We’ll zoom in from that 50,000 foot view to specifically what to do first in your marketing. We’re going to obliterate overwhelm by having you focus on 3 specific things. NOT 10 or 20 🙂

  • We’ll tailor an exact marketing plan to your schedule and budget so that you are doing the highest leverage marketing activities possible and not running around like a crazy person 🙂

  • You’ll learn absolute best lead generation strategies that you can implement on a very little marketing budget – just $100-$200 a month. These things are the OPPOSITE of what others are doing and teaching. Let us ZIG while everyone else ZAGS!

  • I’m going to peal back the current on what actually works for marketing in this current economy.

  • You’ll learn how to become friends with and benefit from the goose that lays the golden egg 🙂

  • The absolute very best ways to market for free, low cost, and also paid.. (I’m a big believer in building your business lean. The good news is you don’t need to break the bank!)

  • How to instantly get a portfolio of deals under contract within your first couple of weeks by leveraging other investors deals and how this can be a springboard to the next level in your business.

  • My stealthy free strategy that almost NO one teaches that is extremely HIGH leverage and will save you thousands of dollars per month in marketing dollars.

  • You’re going to learn my secret 30 minute task that will save you hours of time each week before you even send out letters or speak with a single seller..

  • How to map out and make sure you are only doing income producing activities so that you do not waste your time or spin your wheels.

  • You’re going to learn how specifically to find the probate records online in your county and what information you need to pull.

  • How to begin easily tracking the 5 most important areas in your business and why this leads dramatically increases your results. When I began doing this… and students of mine began doing this, their businesses absolutely transformed.

In short you are going to become an absolutely marketing monster. A good monster!Not a bad monster 🙂 Everything that I am is going to rub off on you. Master marketing. And you’ll never be short on leads again. I’m going to help you solve this problem once and for all. Step by step. The best part is, any questions along the way. We simply hop on a call and SOLVE it right then and right there. No more spinning your wheels.

Module 4: Deal Acquisition

  • How to master being on the phone will sellers even if you’re completely shy, timid and afraid like I used to be.

  • The very simple 7 step process of building rapport with motivated sellers.

  • How to get all of the information on the lead sheet so you can make wise educated offers.

  • How to quickly and accurately analyze your leads …even if you have no idea what the heck you’re doing.

  • How to find sold comparables? Where to look. What resources to use.

  • You’ll learn exactly what to do with and how to handle listed properties. (Most people mess this up either miss opportunity or waste too much time)

  • You’ll learn how to identify when you should go on appointments and exactly how to manage the appointment process so that you get more deals under contract. (there is a right and wrong way to do appointments)

  • You will learn the 4 main personality types and how to read people like a book. This is critical in negotiation and speaking with sellers and buyers.

  • You will learn the art of negotiation. Specifically the 12 rules of negotiation that you must never break and how this is actually easy even if you are not good at selling.

  • Why you don’t have to aggressive, demanding, sleazy, or “salesy” to be effective in this business. Yes, you can be honest and sincere and you can actually provide value and HELP PEOPLE solve their problems. And you can do it being yourself. I’m going to show you how.

  • You’ll finally learn how to calculate and make offers that result in deals being done!  Almost everyone messes this up. We go way deeper than just a broad formula.

  • The proper art of Follow Up! When to follow up with your leads, how to do it in a cool way and why follow this will dramatically increase your business to the tune of 500% when done correctly.

  • Last but not least you will learn how to fill out contracts. Purchase contracts, assignment contracts, and sell side contracts for high end deals. Step by step walk through and instructions 🙂 This is priceless.

HUGE HUGE HUGE thing to understand here:

Inside Module 4 you are going to learn what to do with all of the leads once your marketing is flooding your inbox with the leads. This is the conversion piece where we take them from just simply being a LEAD and turn them into a DEAL.

Most new investors think generating leads is the hardest part. NOPE

Generating leads is the easiest part when you know you’re doing. Turning leads into deals is what takes some skill.

The amazingly wonderful benefit you’ll have is that not only will you learn a ton in this module, you ALSO have the ability to send each and every lead over to me and I will tell you exactly what to do with it!

More on the this in a minute in the bring green #5 section below!!

Module 5: Securing Buyers & Closing Deals

  • The exact step by step blueprint of exactly what to do from the moment you get a deal under contract all the way through to you receiving a check in your hands, and beyond.

  • This is one of my favorite modules because it’s all about bringing YOU across the finish line and getting you PAID! You’re gonna absolutely love the simplicity of this and how it’s laid out. And it’ll make your life 10x easier.

  • How to explode your cash buyers list EVEN if you’re starting with absolutely ZERO buyers! When you do this right you don’t need a ton of buyers!

  • My famous 12 step warrior marketing execution plan to get your buyers to actually BUY these houses..

  • How to price the deal properly to SELL FAST so that you get paid.

  • How to fill out contracts between yourself and the buyer so that you are protected and paid properly at closing.

  • My super simple preparation checklist so that you leave no stone unturned.

  • How to find the right title company who will make your life 1,000 times easier as a wholesaler and how this will help you close way more deals.

  • What each party is specifically responsible for from the time you get the property under contract through closing.

  • How to automate the closing process with the title company so you never have to show up to a single closing if you don’t want to.

  • The coolest part is throughout this module I teach you how to systematize this portion of your business, so that when you get deals under contract you can sell them quickly and you don’t have to feel overwhelmed.

Module 6: Potential Pitfalls & Deal Killers

  • You’re going to discover the most common pitfalls that you will run into in your real estate business and how to overcome them. (Issues that you might face with sellers, buyers, closings, title companies, etc)

  • How to blast through problems in the probate process. You must know how to navigate these waters.

  • What are your “dead deal cue’s”? When is it simply time to move on? Or when is it time to fight and conquer these issues?

  • What are the exact motivational cues that you need to identify from seller’s that tells you this is a deal you can make money on!

  • Specifically how to overcome any surprise closing day troubles when the deal appears that it will fall apart and more importantly what to do to ensure these do not occur in the first place!

  • Knowing which problems can arise and how to handle them effectively is absolutely key. It’s the difference in having a thriving real estate business and NOT having a thriving business.

Module 7: Scaling Your Business Wisely

Once you begin doing deals you can do one of three things:

  1. You can remain the same – doing X deals per month
  2. You can make poor decisions, be a poor steward, become stagnant and start to regress. (fly by night – here today and gone tomorrow.) Or…
  3. You can grow and scale your business wisely. Perpetual growth, strategic, well-planned growth.

That is what this module is all about. How do we make sure you are a #3!

The old saying is absolutely true:

“You’re either growing or you’re dying – there’s no in between.”

We’ll be discussing things like: 

  • When should you begin hiring and building a team?

  • Who do you need to hire first, second, and third?

  • Which tasks make the most sense to outsource first?

  • How do you scale your paid marketing? How much money do you need to reinvest into marketing? When should you begin doing this? (counter intuitive to what most people think)

  • How many people do you really need to build a 7 figure business? What does this business model actually look like?

  • How to ensure you only hire absolute A-Player rock stars and why this is vital to your sanity and success?

Wow – I know that was a lot of information about what you’re getting inside your student training center, but you are on this page and you’re interested in becoming an elite private student of mine. So I want to be as transparent as possible and give you the best snapshot I can about what you’re truly getting.

So stick with me here…

The best part is, any questions that you have along the way or if you get stuck at all… We simply hop on a call and SOLVE it right then and right there! No more spinning your wheels.

Exclusive Access To My Ultra Responsive Marketing Materials. Plus ALL Of My Spreadsheets, Templates, Scripts, and Contracts!

This is literally everything I use in my business. I don’t know how to make this any more simple for you. 🙂

I’m gonna give you all of my hyper-effective marketing materials – which have taken me literally thousands of hours to perfect and will save you insane amounts of time and effort!

  • All of my contracts, lead sheets, excel spreadsheets

  • Absolutely all of my marketing materials which have taken me thousands of hours to perfect.

  • My exact letters to attorneys and executors for marketing

  • My exact envelopes used for the letters

  • My exact contracts

  • Lead sheets – so you know exactly what information to ask the seller for

  • The probate sheet – so you know what information to gather at the courthouse or online

  • My calling script – exact verbiage I use on my calls and when making offers

  • My rebuttal script so that you can know exactly what to say to overcome the most common objections you will hear.

  • My production tracker – so that you can track those vital income producing activities – very simply and easily.

  • All of the necessary marketing materials to get your deals SOLD and buyers list built!

And much, much more!

Lead Analyzation & Support! Access To Me

This is the core of my service to you. You will soon know everything there is to know about how to determine value, make offers, counter offers, and overall transaction expedition.

This is going to be a SKILL that you can take with you for life.

For your ever-so-important first year in real estate, you will have the top-dog, heavy hitter (me – personally) reviewing all your leads, telling you what’s good and bad about them, telling you what the houses are worth, giving you the offer amounts, helping you CLOSE the deals, watching over you, and MAKING SURE YOU MAKE ACTUAL REAL MONEY IN THE PROCESS. I basically take you step by step through all your deals.

Most people make $0 their first year in real estate. You will not be most people.

Heck, with my guidance you’re going to find the BEST title company to work with who will treat us, our cash buyers and seller’s like GOLD. They let us do whatever the heck we want. More and more now title agencies are NOT allowing assignable contracts. They’re getting stricter and stricter. I’ll show you how to skip all over all that frustration.

Webinar & Case Study LifeTime Vault!

This is where you’ll have access to each of the content rich case studies and webinars that I’ve held. This really is a gem. This also is ever-growing. The more I do, the more get added.

You see very often I’ll hold content webinars or case studies where we’ll dissect a particular topic or where I’ll interview a student. This is a deep dive. The good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between.

I say “often” so that I don’t HAVE to do them monthly if I don’t want. How’s that for being honest? At least you know what you’re getting with me 🙂

The feedback I get from these are nothing short of incredible! Plus I typically open them up for Q&A. And that’s usually when I’ll get an idea or topic that we’ll do for our next webinar. Something that you’re struggling with specifically and I’ll decide to do a deep dive on it for the next webinar.

The replays of these case studies and webinars are available in your student training center for your easy reference.

This alone is worth the price of admission and is a prized possession for you to reference at any time for motivation, plus a great chance to see fellow students overcoming similar issues that you’re facing 🙂 Remember you are no longer alone.

Consider this a time for all of us to brainstorm, share ideas, chit chat, tell success stories, help each other, etc. This is my inner inner circle. Welcome.

Additional Questions You Might Be Wondering:

What Will You Learn?

Everything. How to market your business. How to build your business lean. How to get the very best leads flowing in daily. How to negotiate deals, what deals are good, what deals are bad, how to determine value, how to get things sold quickly, how to do things risk free, how to expedite closings, etc. How to BE THE BEST. By the end of 12 months you will know how to do what I do. All that I am will rub off on YOU.

How Much Time Does It Take On A Weekly Basis?

As much as you have to put into it. I started myself part time while working another full time job and then went full time whenever I could afford to do so. I have other students who have done the same.

Frankly, I designed this coaching and mentoring program for people who have super busy schedules. It’s something I’ve kept in mind. I know how it is. I learned this business part time in the evening while working 50 + hour weeks.

You’ll have short and easy to understand video lessons, so you get to learn at your own pace. Spend 15 minutes here or there while on your lunch break, or even while on the treadmill. It’s totally up to you!

If you have 10-15 hours per week to commit to this business. That’s perfect. You’ll learn to work in 1-2 hour sprints focused on “income producing activities!”

How Much Access Will You Have To Me?

Pretty much unlimited. Within reason. My experience has been that by offering unlimited access to me, you guys tend to not abuse it.

You will have my private personal email, my cell phone, plus a hand dandy free walkie talkie app called Voxer so that you can hear my beautiful and therapeutic voice to really cement what you’re learning into your mind.

What Work Is Involved On Your Part?

At first the only thing you have to worry about is marketing for leads (motivated sellers). My step by step video implementation program inside your student training center is going to tell you everything you need to do for this part. Any time you get stuck or have questions you’ll check with me and we’ll hash it out together.

In a nutshell, you’re executing the very simple marketing that I teach you to do. When a seller calls in you simply fill out a lead sheet, of which I teach you exactly what to say. You send that lead sheet over to me and I tell you exactly what to do with it. We close deals, we make money and have a lot of fun in the process. Everything else you will learn as we go.

Where Will We Get The Money To Buy Houses?

We will be assigning contracts which does not require any money. If a deposit is required, I’ll show you how to have your buyer (partners) supply it. All financial obligations rest on their shoulders, not yours. Heck of a nice way to start eh?

Who Is Responsible For Selling The Contracts (Houses)?

You are, under my guidance. I will be guiding you on building an ultra responsive buyer’s list and on marketing these deals locally in the most effective manner possible.

Where Will The Closings Be?

Your title company. I will show you how to find the BEST local title company who handles assignment deals. This will be a fantastic asset and resource in your business who will make your life 10 times easier. I’ll also teach you exactly how I to never even have to show up to closing if you don’t want to!

What’s The Cost For All of This?

The Investment is $5,800 upfront, one time and we simply split the profits 50-50 on your very first wholesale deal. That’s it. 1 deal split. After that the remainder of deals you do in your one-year mentorship with me, you keep 100% of those profits. The average wholesale deal I do with my clients is about $15k. In some markets, it’s $35k. So on the day of closing for our first deal together, you will get a bank wire for your half and I’ll get a bank wire for my half.  Note: Should you choose to purchase the deeply discounted property for your own long-term rental or want to flip the property yourself – you keep 100% of those profits/equity. I want this to be a no-brainer and keep it super simple so that it’s a BIG win for you and you get revenue injected into your business quickly.

So we will work together for 12 months and simply split your first deal 50/50. After your first deal is done we continue working together step by step throughout the entire remaining year of your mentorship – this time you are keeping all of the profits so that you scale more quickly. After the 12-month timeframe is up you have an option if you choose to renew for 3, 6, or another 12 months (a fair percentage of my clients have continued to retain me for years) or you can decide to graduate from the mentorship program, we part as great friends, you’ve learned an entire industry and we continue to knowledge share with one another – one of my favorite parts! It’s completely up to you and you’ll never get any pressure from me. I just want it to be a win for you!

Remember my story of my mentor who still has people review all his deals? Having a second pair of eyes on all your deals gives you perspective. Perspective and momentum are everything.

Let me ask you a question … How much do you honestly think another real estate coach or mentor is going to help you in your efforts to get your deals CLOSED (as in, “check in your bank account” CLOSED) when they have no interest in your deal or are pumping people through a group program?

I’m going to make DANG sure your deals close because YOUR deal will be OUR deal! We’re in this together. After that first deal is done, there will be NO drop off from my commitment to you. Integrity is everything to me.

As a side note, less than $6k upfront and 50% of profits is darn generous. Try talking with another expert/guru/mentor on their cell phone daily – it usually doesn’t happen because they like to have a sales team to pump people into a group class. If it does happen it’s $25k minimum. Bring a lead to any other investor and they will give you $500. I’ll be giving you more like $5,000 to $25,000 on your first deal (even with our deal split) AND teaching you an entire industry in the process.

The average deal that I complete with my students is around $15,000. So by simply learning this business from the inside out with me in your back pocket, you’ll already be in profit mode from deal #1.

If you invest $250,000 to start a Subway, McDonald’s or Starbucks franchise, which people do all the time, how long do you think it will take you to get your investment back and get into profit mode?

I know I just touched on this but I want you to consider for a moment what is the industry average to have a true personal one-on-one mentor? I’m talking about the type of relationship where you have the “guru’s” cell phone number! Really one-on-one type stuff. (Which is A MUST because you will have THAT many questions and more.)

Do you know what the industry average is?

I’ve done my research. And it’s $25,000 upfront. And most, in fact almost all don’t even offer that level of personal mentoring. Not the type I’m talking about here.

Often times after paying such ridiculously high prices you STILL only get group coaching or you have to dial into a 1-800 hotline! Ask me how I know 🙁 I know a lot of the programs out there. They’re focused on the VOLUME of students not on PERSONAL attention and connection.

Now let me be clear here, there are some great programs out there and I never want to speak bad about any of them, but holy cow do they cost a ton! I mean it’s crazy! I’ve seen programs that range in cost from $5,000 all the way up to $56,000, which is up there with college tuition for crying out loud.

Time and time again people have come to me after investing $25,000 – $50,000 on their real estate education.

I am not kidding. Happens all the time.

The worst part is even after spending these astronomical prices they STILL do not have the one-on-one personal support that they need. This absolutely breaks my heart. I mean this is people’s life savings.

They have all the training manuals, online libraries of endless amounts of information, more software and tools than they can pray over… yet they still don’t have someone with them in the trenches by their side helping them with the thousand questions that will pop up at each stage of their business.

Each of these questions which if not answered will leave you completely stuck, helpless, and with absolutely no confidence.

It is my purpose to help solve this problem – with the RIGHT people, to work with a small handful of people and truly make an impact and a difference in their life! To help them bear fruit for themselves and their families through real estate!

I’m not doing this to get rich. My intention is to keep this personal and small. It’s my differentiating factor.

If that resonates with you like it did with me over a decade ago, then make sure you connect with me today and let’s see if this is right for you! If there is another option I feel can better serve you – I will gladly point you in that direction.

Can You Relate? Maybe This Has Happened To You?

To make things worse I’ve seen a lot of these big national programs offer “group coaching” and hire out their coaching platforms to “call centers and fulfillment centers” where you speak to someone who is basically reading from a manual out in Las Vegas, Utah or overseas!

This really upsets me and I REFUSE to operate this way!

It’s one thing to offer college-like education for real estate investing but then if you’re still missing the most important piece of the puzzle… it’s just not right! The most important piece of the puzzle is that… you NEED personal help and support at every phase of your business in order to really understand this business and get the desired results.

This help needs to be generally from the same person whom you can develop a real relationship with and learn from.

Seminars are great for getting you hyped up and motivated for a couple of days. Maybe even to help you learn a few high level concepts. Courses might teach you some basic information as well to help you start taking action, but getting a personal one on one coach and mentor is how you MAKE MONEY, GROW and GET REAL RESULTS. PERIOD.

I have not met one single successful investor in all my years that did not have a TRUE one-on-one mentor.

So when you consider what you are getting for $4997 and what other programs out there cost and what you DON’T get…HANDS Down… this is going to be worth every penny and more. Not to mention what it will save you… in terms of time, money, stress and opportunities lost.

Consider the SIZE of problem you’re solving when you get a real mentor. You’re learning an industry but more importantly you’re learning life altering new skills that can make you financially free and give you the time freedom you’ve been looking for.

So I promise, end of rant! Honestly those things needed to be said and they’re true. I know how enticing some of the things out there can be and I’ve just seen it too many times people spending ridiculous sums of money but still not getting real support.

Is There Anyone Who I DO NOT Want In
This Program?

Yes. This is not some get rich overnight or push button magical system. This takes a lot of focused effort and it does take real work.

However I will have your back every step of the way. If you’re not willing to work HARD then please do not purchase this.

I will not work with one single negative person. Life is too short. I simply do not allow stressful people in my life. Neither should you. If you are skeptical, respectfully this is not for you. Still love you, but not for you 🙂

However if you know if your heart this is exactly what you need. If you really want my help. If you’re determined to achieve financial freedom, and can be nice and friendly in the process then…

If I had to do it all over I would’ve paid TWENTY FIVE thousand dollars to have access to the coach/partner I had. There is NO WAY I could’ve got such a quick start in real estate without him. No WAY.

Here’s What A Typical Transaction Will Look Like For You:

  • You get an incoming call from some of the super cheap marketing that I instruct you to do.

  • You will fill out a very simple lead sheet that I have given you. 

  • You tell the prospect, “Great. I’ll look into this and get back to you right away.”

  • You then email that lead sheet to me and I tell you exactly what to do from there. How easy is that???

  • I then look at the deal, tell you what makes it good or bad, tell you what we need to offer or why we need to pass on it, help you write up the contract, and literally walk you through every step of the deal until we have sold it and made at LEAST $10,000 (or as much as $50,000 or more) which we split at the time of closing.

  • The title company will wire you 50% of the deal directly or you can stop by the title company and pick up your check. Completely your choice!

I absolutely love all my students and I take very good care of them.

We do enough of these deals and you will have made a LOT of money and learned an industry in the process.

1-on-1 Elite Real Estate Mentoring with me personally is the MISSING PIECE to you finally having a thriving real estate business.

I look forward to working with you and being used by God to help you become a highly successful real estate entrepreneur.


p.s. Just imagine a few short months from now, looking back to this very moment, and feeling so glad you made the decision today to invest in your business. You’ve now got a reliable and consistent cash cow of a business providing you reliable income that takes just 2-3 hours day to manage. Yes, it takes a little while to get set up first. You have zero regrets, rather than deciding to stay where you are, stuck in the same place or even worse off than you were before. 🙂

p.p.s. You need a coach, and you know it. Ask any successful real estate investor or wholesaler if they had a mentor and they will ALL tell you “yes.” Did you know that Michael Phelps the greatest swimmer of all time STILL pays big money for a coach? What does that say to you? Stop trying to beat the world on your own. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! I’m at the other end of the tunnel shining a light back at you, waving you over. Now get your butt over here. It’s funner on the other end. We’ve got cookies.

p.p.p.s. – I love you.

p.p.p.p.s. – Do you know what all ultra-successful people have in common? They Act. They are quick to act and slow to change that decision. They don’t sit around wasting their energy with tired old methods that don’t work. Be decisive and get started today. You deserve the life of your dreams. Now let me help you turn it into a reality! You’re worth it my friend. Let’s get started.