About Steven

Hey, it’s Steven Howell here and I am grateful that our paths have crossed! I believe there’s a very good reason you’re reading this page right now.

Most likely, you have a strong sense that something needs to change in your life. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of being a real estate entrepreneur all your life… or maybe you’ve just “hit the wall” with your current job or business, and you’re looking at real estate as the next step in your journey.

Either way, you know you need plenty of guidance and expertise to help you launch or grow your real estate career. And I’m excited to help!

So Who Am I?

Well if you’re a video person, here’s a short video documentary I created just for you:


My Mission

It’s my mission/purpose to inspire those who want to change their life through real estate and to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to do so.

If you’re a real estate investor, an entrepreneur, or want to become one, I believe I have some unique insights and experiences that can help you to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself and also help you to make an incredible impact in your marketplace.

First and foremost… I want you to know that I am by no means perfect. I’m an imperfect human being and have made just about every mistake in the book.

I say that because I want you to know… if I can succeed as an entrepreneur and real estate investor, so can you.

Luckily for you I will be sharing my insight to help dramatically reduce your learning curve and increase the rate of your success 🙂

Real Estate Investing
– Wholesaling Houses

I currently mentor students nationwide in the art of real estate investing, specifically how to wholesale real estate. And better yet, how to do it the right way without all the fluff. It’s a vital skill in this and any market to learn the art of acquiring deeply discounted real estate.

Steven’s Mercifully Brief Bit of Fun Facts:

  • I’m known as one of the most effective people in the real estate industry at taking people by the hand and teaching them the skills of acquiring deeply discounted real estate…

  • Creator of the #1 video on YouTube for Wholesaling Real Estate Step by Step

  • Have Produced Hundreds Of Hours Of Content and Training On Wholesaling Houses and Have Mentored Hundreds Of Students Nationally 1 on 1

  • For the past 7 years I’ve been on a personal mission to become an absolute warrior in real estate and marketing. I’ve spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on courses, trainings, mentors, and books and my 10,000 hours in the trenches applying and perfecting this stuff.

  • I’m a RealEstateMogul.com faculty member. I regularly produce content and training for their thousands of members.

  • The COOL part for you? I’m going to cut out the fluff and simply share with you the “must know” gems in order to radically cut your learning curve.

I work with people of all experience levels. Both brand new and also those who are more advanced and wanting to take things to the next level.

So Just In Case You May Be Wondering What Exactly Is Real Estate Wholesaling?

A real estate wholesaler is anyone who contracts on real estate at low enough prices to where he/she can quickly re-sell that contract for a wholesale price leaving room for the buyer to fix it up and sell for profit. And we ALWAYS leave lots of room for the next guy. That’s what keeps us in business (free tip. I’m charging from here on out).

So in a nutshell, we track down motivated sellers of real estate, make disciplined offers where we know there will be enough meat on the bone for our end partners, and then once we have secured a good deal we then sell that contract for a profit.

It’s not rocket science by any means but it does take some effort and education to be successful at (just like anything else).

The Opportunities Are Endless

Once you learn this valuable skill-set the opportunities in real estate for you become endless. The real estate world is your oyster.

Maybe you have aspirations of being a landlord with a portfolio of rental properties that can provide you a very nice passive income. Or …you might be interested in flipping houses for larger profits as a rehabber. Maybe a combination of both.

You see when you learn the art of marketing and the skillset of acquiring deeply discounted real estate deals that are not on the open market you begin to become a hot commodity. The connections that open up to you are amazing.

Let me explain…

See the cool part about becoming a master of wholesaling houses is that we, as excellent wholesalers, become the landlord and the rehabbers favorite connection once you learn how to do it right.


Because we are the ones making their lives easier as we serve them up great deals on a silver platter allowing them to do what they are best at, which is to be a landlord or to be a rehabber. It’s a win-win.

Check out how cool this is! In a nutshell we are:

  • Helping sellers save time and money on fees associated with their properties

  • Helping investors get very good deals on investment properties to make a living and to pay their crew

  • Helping the revitalization of the local neighborhood – houses getting rehabbed increase values in the neighborhoods

  • Doing our part to revitalize the city

  • Building wealth so that we may provide a living for our families and to give generously to others

Talk about a win-win-win. This is why I love what I do!

So back to my example of how cool it is to learn the art of acquiring deeply discounted properties, even if eventually you want to become a landlord or a rehabber.

Often times our end cash buyers (rehabbers and landlords) become our very close business acquaintances, friends and even partners. Therefore after you have developed a significant relationship it is not uncommon for them to take you under their wing when you tell them that you want to expand your business into rehabbing or rental properties.

They’ll say:

“Hey, Steven – you’ve served me up my last 5 deals. I tell you what, the next one you get.. I’ll buy it then show you how I do they whole rehab process. We’ll partner up and split the proceeds.”

This is very common. Like I said at this point the world is your oyster and the opportunities are endless. Connections, relationships, deals will organically develop.

You become a rock star in the making.

Very Important Question For You…

Who’s going to succeed more? The person going to a pitch fest seminar or the person who is being hand-held in the real world?

You guessed it. Someone who is getting their hand held by a pro in the real world.

And that’s exactly what’s going to happen when you get going with my elite one-on-one mentoring program.

If you’d like to get more information about working with me one-on-one, then I’d love to hear from you.

My Journey Over The Hump:

When I first started in real estate, I spent thousands of dollars going through the latest real estate investing courses, seminars, and products. I was looking everywhere for the best real estate investing mentor. I wanted to know more than just how to wholesale real estate…I wanted to know how to do it effectively.

I even spent over $10,000 for a high level real estate coach – only to be outsourced to a call center and left to speak with people who were classified as “transaction specialists.” They never seemed to answer my questions and were really talented in repeating my questions back to me. It was all very discouraging!

After months and years of struggling and thousands of hours and thousands of dollars spent in the process, I had very little to show for it.

However, I kept going. I kept fighting. I was not going to give up. I finally came under the wing of the right mentor. It was then when I started to put two and two together and gained some traction. I am very grateful to the friends, mentors, and colleagues who have helped me along the way.

From all the years I spent struggling, I learned one very important thing:

Knowing exactly what to do and having someone available to guide you and answer questions every step of the way is paramount to your success.

For me, it wasn’t until I had the help of a real estate investment mentor that I finally started to become successful.

I’m telling you all of this because I want to get your brain churning in the right direction. I want you to know that you cannot go at this alone. You need a real estate mentor. I did. We all do.

With the help of a couple of really good mentors I went on to produce over $160,000 in wholesale real estate profits within my first 18 months of doing this full time.

Since then I’ve gone on to do literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of deals.

How Did I Get Into Mentoring and Coaching Real Estate Investors?

The short answer is organically. After a few years of crushing out deals myself, I realized that there are likely others who were going through the same struggles and hurdles that I went through. Plus I’ve always had a passion for teaching and sharing bits of wisdom, I just didn’t know how it would come together. I certainly wasn’t planning on it at the time.

So I had this idea that I would put up a YouTube video that shared one of my biggest secrets in my real estate business. I decided that I would open up my entire business and share my #1 lead source. I had no idea at the time that this video would take off!

It has since become the #1 video on YouTube of how to wholesale real estate step by step. Soon after publishing this video the requests started to pour in for me to help personally mentor others and teach them how to wholesale and invest in real estate.

So step by step over the last 3 + years I have put together an extremely detailed and easily implementable plan to helping people to get results FAST.

I’ve been blessed to become one of the top mentors and coaches in the entire country and have done so by keeping things very down to earth and very personal. I don’t even like to consider myself a “guru”. That term feels weird to me. 🙂

I’m so thankful for this consulting and mentoring business which has grown exponentially and organically. It’s something I absolutely love doing and am highly skilled at doing. So it’s the best of both worlds.

Isn’t it Time You Started Enjoying Your Business (and Your Life)?

As I mentioned before, there’s a lot more that goes into a successful real estate career than just the “nuts and bolts” of deals and transactions.

I firmly believe that your real estate business should work to sustain you and the lifestyle you want. Too many people get so caught up in the details that their businesses own them… instead of the other way around!

You’ve only got one shot at life… so why not choose the path that can get you to your income, lifestyle, and career goals as quickly and easily as possible? That way, you can enjoy more time with the people who matter to you the most… and rest easy knowing that you have the income and wealth to create your dream lifestyle?

Click the button below to find out more about how my mentorship options can help you start or grow your own thriving real estate career faster than you ever thought possible!


Now it’s my mission to lift up other struggling investors and share with you insights about what worked well and what didn’t. The goal is to help you see radical transformation in your life and business a whole lot faster than it would take you on your own.

It has been an amazingly gratifying experience helping new, struggling or even intermediate level investors finally breakthrough to the next level and put systems in place. One of my favorite things is to see an investor’s confidence absolutely soar when they do their first deal.

I’ve been blessed to work with hundreds of students across the country in all sorts of different markets. And because I partner up with each of my students I am invested in all of their deals and their success. This has been very important in my journey as a real estate mentor because it keeps me on top of my game. I am constantly seeing new issues and challenges come across my desk everyday that I am working through and helping my students work through. I can honestly say that I am constantly learning WITH my students. The cool part is that when I face a new issue or something that I think other students of mine will run across and benefit from, I’ll shoot a video and share it with everyone. So my training and teaching is constantly improving and evolving.

So if I can share with you valuable insight, shorten your learning curve, and ultimately help you to get results in your business FASTER than you could on your own…then MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I currently work with students nationwide teaching them concepts on wholesaling real estate, business building, mindset, entrepreneurial activities, and how to get results in real estate.

I don’t take on hundreds of students at a time. And I don’t pump people through group coaching. I don’t hire on a “coaching team” or hire out my coaching to a call center. In my opinion that is not true mentoring and it is not true coaching. Nor does it help you to get real results.

It breaks my heart when people come to me who have paid $10,000, $15,000, $25,000 and even upwards of $36,000 for these high level fancy real estate programs and STILL they do not have the true one on one support and guidance that they need.

They might have all the manuals, binders, tool and technology in the world from all the money they’ve invested but they are still overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn.

I say that to say that is not what’s going to happen or what you’re going to experience when we work together. In fact it’s going to be on the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

I only work with a handful of people at time (so I can actually give you the full attention that is necessary and that you deserve) and my all of my mentoring is one on one with me personally.

Diving Deeper:

When I’m not working, I do my best to experience as much as I possibly can during the short time we all have here on the Earth…

Here are a couple pictures from a recent anniversary trip to Destin Florida where my wife and I did some deep sea fishing.

I am a 32 year old Husband, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor/Mentor. I love maintaining a healthy lifestyle, working out at my local crossfit box, and doing some occasional hiking.

I’m a foodie I love going out to dinner to cool new places with my wife. I am student of life. I love reading and honing my craft. I enjoy studying the Bible and love the Lord. And I enjoying seeing this beautiful world and to have the ability and freedom to travel. My main purpose and mission is help others become absolute warriors in every aspect of their life.

Tip – Have More Fun:

If I started this business over I would make a commitment to have more fun. Sometimes we get so carried away about an income goal or a certain lifestyle that we are pursuing that we forget to enjoy the ride.

Building a real sustainable business does not happen overnight despite who tells you that. It takes hard work, sacrifice and unending determination. Building a successful real estate business is a journey.

I recommend setting aside just a small amount of time into your weekly, monthly, quarterly and even yearly plan to sit back and reflect on how far you have come. To smile and be grateful for what you do have. We all have been blessed with certain resources and gifts if we look hard enough.

In business it isn’t always about the money that you make, what’s even cooler and more fulfilling is the person you become in the process and the people that you help life up along the way. Remember that.

Another vital tip that will exponentially increase the rate of your success is to be a lifelong student. Skip this step you will fail, or if you do succeed it won’t last very long.

You must constantly be growing, learning and teaching. Never stop growing. Always be learning and implementing and refining. Be a seeker. And you will find what is you are looking for. And the truth is once you learn some new skills sets..Once you stretch yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of…

You start to become a bigger and better version of yourself and that is incredibly rewarding and fun.
Then turn around and help others do it, because that is the ultimate reward.

So from day one I would start smiling more. I would realize that this is a process, it’s a journey. I would realize this is my life’s work and focus on being the best person in my business and personal life that I could be.

Start having fun and you will ultimately see results much faster than if you’re trying to make a quick buck.
Most people get so caught up on making money and they don’t enjoy the process.

If you want to be successful in this business it really helps to enjoy what you’re doing, to be fascinated with learning and to reward yourself for the small wins. Treat this business like game – come to play. Play hard. And ultimately you will win. Because business can and should be a really fun game that helps a lot of people in the process.

Thank You:

I want to thank you for taking the time connect with me. If you are tired of spinning your wheels and would like to get results faster in your business, then you’re going to absolutely love my elite one one mentoring program.

Here’s Exactly What You Need To Do:

What I teach works the market is up, down, hot or cold, or somewhere in between. I take the opposite approach of what most “guru’s” teach and I make it a heck of a lot more personal. Plus I’m going to show you how to build this business very lean without being wasteful with your time or money.

One of the things I absolutely love is teaching my students how to become confident, self -sufficient, successful investors and entrepreneurs who build real skills that can absolutely transform their life. This is what I will do for you.

I look forward to talking with you ASAP and playing a part in your real estate success.

Kind Regards,

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