Propstream Review. Propstream Bonus. Propstream – Is It The Best Real Estate Investing Software On The Market?

I was a little skeptical at first so I had them get on with me and do a full walk through of this real estate investing software.

Since this video I do have to confess that I’ve used Propstream virtually everyday in my business.

If you stay through the end of this blog post and video I have a special bonus for you.

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  • Ability to search anywhere in the US. This feature saves you time on having to look up different properties from different sources.
  • Layered searches. One source in of itself will not be as useful if you don’t combine it with others, which will help you find effective leads.
  • Multiple cross-referenced sources. All the distressed lists, none of the headaches of combing through different databases. 
  • Comps. You can run your own comps and analyze it to fit your own business.
  • More services. This was designed by investors such as yourself to help you grow and expand. 
  • How to successfully find buyers and reach out to them.


Normally, I prefer keeping everything lean. I like to stay away from all the fancy bells and whistles, but after hearing about this over and over, I had to find out about it. I did some research and I sincerely think this is the real deal.


Will Propstream be a game-changer as it claims?!


With that being said, I want to bring you in on this journey with me!


Propstream Review.


I imagine you have questions just like I do. What exactly is it?


My friend, Burton, who is part of Propstream explains it so well and satisfy my curiosity to where I have no doubt that this tool will change the nature of wholesaling. 


It has over 190 million property records in the system and you as a user will have access to all of them. You don’t need a real estate license to pull all the data from them. 


That’s right.


You will finally have the ability to pull accurate sold comparables! 


That sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Don’t forget, a good chunk of wholesaling and real estate business is getting a great deal, which happens by having the right leads and then selling those deals. 


This little equation is how it’s done: 


Acquisitions on the front and dispositions on the back. 


You get various distressed lists and have the ability to layer them. 

Then you can see what’s on the MLS as well as other important side pieces, and accurately comping those.


How does this Propstream real estate investing software do this?


Its search features let you find properties anywhere in the country. You can get as specific as you want to, right down to the county level or even zip code. If you have a property address, you can do that. 


You can even use the draw search feature to create your area zone if you’re wanting to get deals in a particular location. This will be extremely helpful when you run your comps later. 


In addition to the search, you can add different categories to fit your business. 

  • MLS Listings
  • Pre-Foreclosures
  • Foreclosures
  • Liens
  • Cash Buyers
  • High Equity
  • Vacant
  • Free and Clear 
  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce

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This is where layering comes in. Don’t forget that in real estate and wholesaling, pre-foreclosures is insanely competitive, right? 

Propstream allows you to get ahead of the game and beat agents to securing a deal because layering your results can let you spot the fumes of smoke before a fire breaks out. 


For example, let’s look at cash buyers!


This is a great category to start with because you can find a highly motivated buyer, but by itself, it may not pull such a good list of leads. That starts to change when you pull in liens and equity. A property owner that cash bought their property, but now has liens on it along with high equity, now that is a different story altogether. By doing this, while they may not be in the pre-foreclosure phase yet, you spot the warning signs and now you can start reaching out to them before your competition does. 


This sounds extraordinary, but Burton and I myself would like to offer a word of caution to you. Be careful when searching on specific categories and always check the last Sale Date of a property. Propstream is a fantastic tool, but it still relies on data provided by others such as United States Postal Services, whose definitions of wholesaling terms may differ from yours. 


What does that mean?


Take for instance, the vacant category. Someone not answering their mail for three weeks will land their property in this when you look it up, but if you don’t check the date of when the property was sold, you may find yourself in contact with an owner who has no intention of selling to you or anyone else. You’ll get poor leads if you’re not careful. 


Propstream has done most of the homework for you so you don’t have to waste energy trying to pull lists on your own, but you should always double-check and layer.


Layer. Layer. Layer.


By layering, you can get right to the bread and butter of Propstream, which is filtering. You will learn how to effectively filter through categories, like the vacant listings, and how to pull distressed lists. 


You can also run your own comps from different sources

  • Comparables in nearby listings
  • Color-coded cash sale comps
  • CMA or comparable properties reports
  • County provided neighborings, including average days on the market


That’s not all that Propstream has for you as the server. 


Once you build your list, there is a tool called skip-tracing that, at a small price, lets you take your lists and gets you results such as emails and phone addresses, which again can save you so much time. 


Time is money, and so is marketing.


Propstream even has campaigns where you can create your own website as well as postcards to reach out to the leads who may provide you with their contact information if you don’t have the luxury to use the skip-tracing. 


There is also a ringless voicemail drop service if you don’t like cold-calling or want to spend focus on other aspects of your business. If you have a huge distressed list, this can be incredibly handy. 


Don’t feel forced to use those additional tools, if they don’t fit your need. They’re there to help should you want to do so in the future.


“That sounds amazing, but how do I talk to the homeowner after all is said and done?”


Remember, you don’t need your real estate license to talk to them! It’s not about the property. It’s about what the owner is going through. The information you get from Propstream will give you an edge to help them. You can educate them about their options.


You now have the ability to negotiate. 


This can be great for both you and the homeowner. They will come to you instead of listing their property since they have the assurance that you’re taking the risk off of their hands. 


This is what I mean by Propstream putting you ahead of agents. You have the distressed lists and the comps to give you a headstart because it gives you MLS sources that the county itself may not even have! 


I want you to feel motivated about this! If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by all that has been discussed, don’t freak out. Having this information and access is one thing, right? The real power, however, is knowing precisely what to do with it.


That’s why I’m here. I want to help you truly utilize this tool in its full potential. That’s why once you sign up for the free 7-day trial from the link provided in my video, I’ll hook you up with two free marketing bonuses that normally only my students get. They’re very simple, but they work so well. 


Here is the link for your free 7 day trial of the Propstream software.


Once you go on to use Propstream and purchase the first $97 month purchase, email me and I will teach you how to reach out to those buyers that Propstream provides for you, including an hour and half training about exactly how to talk to them.


I’m so pumped about this. Let me know what you think!


To your success,

Steven Howell




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