One Simple Trick To Ensure You Keep Making Progress

I hung up the phone with a mentoring student of mine who lives down in Florida. Recently he had a $55,000 wholesale deal completely fall apart. Ultimately it fell apart for right reasons.

My heart went out to him because I too have had big deals come and fall apart. It can leave you in one of two places. Either completely defeated and ready to throw in the towel. Or it can be the spark that lights a fire under your butt with the steady small voice that tells you that you are that much closer to breaking through to success.

My student mentioned how honestly he had been quite inconsistent in his business lately and how he’d fallen off-track with his goals. He wanted some practical advice on how to be more consistent. How he could stop getting off track from the goals he had set for himself.

Do You Ever Feel This Way? Like You’ve Fallen Off-Track With Your Goals?

It’s perfectly normal in your journey as a real estate investor and entrepreneur to wonder how to stay on track with your goals.

I certainly know this has been an issue that I’ve had to deal with in my own business. And I’m sure there might be some others who have dealt with this similar issue. So that’s what today’s blog post is all about. I shared with him this one simple trick to help him keep on track with his goals in his business.

You can use this one simple trick and I am confident it’ll help you as well.

We Live In a World Of Distraction

It’s today’s world of distraction it’s very easy to get off-track from the goals we set for ourselves and businesses all the way back in January. Often times thing happen. Different obstacles and trials arise. Before we know it another year is gone and our goals do not get achieved.

In today’s video you’ll learn one sure fire way to ensure to stay on track and keep progressing in your business. Check it out here:

Keep Phrase To Remember: “Stop Stopping”

After watching this video I want you to write down on a 3 X 5 card: “ I commit to stop stopping!

If you have fallen off-track with the goals you’ve set for yourself this note card can serve as a steady reminder for you each day going forward. So whenever you feel the urge to throw in the towel you will have your reminder that you have been down that road before. You know where it leads.

Remember that small, steady, consistent action will win the race.

If you have found value in this video please let me know in the comments and share this with someone who needs to hear it today!

Question For You:

What is your one big goal this year that you are most reluctant to set? What would happen if you acted in spite of fear and did it anyways? Let me know in the comments.