3 Drop Dead Simple Ways To Target The Perfect Cash Buyers For Your Deals

Finding cash buyers to buy your wholesale deals is not as complicated as you might think.  What you’re about to see in the video below still works like a charm. So don’t let the simplicity of this cause you to second guess yourself.

In this video you’re going to learn 3 very simple tangible ways to find ultra responsive local cash buyers that actually want to buy your wholesale deals. This video your about to watch is actually a 20 minute bonus training video I did for my subscribers and I want to give it to you here for free on my blog.

Turn up your speakers, pull out something to take notes on and enjoy the video:

Starting With Zero Cash Buyers In Your Wholesaling Business

I vividly remember beginning my investing career with absolutely zero cash buyers. If that’s where you are right now I simply want you to know that it’s perfectly okay. That’s exactly where most of us had to start! You’re not alone 🙂

Furthermore, the concept of wholesaling houses can be quite daunting when you’re out there making offers without the full confidence that someone will truly buy the property you have under contract.

I Came To Crossroads

So years ago as a new investor this lead to a crossroads in my business. Should I stop everything I am doing in my business and focus on finding cash buyer to sell my wholesale deals to? Or should I focus wholeheartedly on marketing my business and generating motivated seller leads?

Very important question indeed. There are actually quite a lot of school of thought on this subject.

Should You Focus On Finding Cash Buyers or Marketing To Motivated Sellers?

In this current market and economy in my opinion it is of greater importance for you to focus all of your effort on marketing for motivated seller leads. Investors are pouring into the market right and left and so many are seeking investment property to buy. There are always enough buyers.

You may ask – “Steven, well what happens in a down market and when nobody is buying?” Well that’s a great question. There actually are a TON of investors buying. You just might not know about it. These transactions are happening OFF MARKET and under the radar.  It’s the same concept as in the stock markets. The savy investors like Warren Buffet are buying when everyone else is freaking out and selling in a stock market crash. The savy buyers love buying at rock bottom prices.

So in the life of a wholesaler, when you do it the right way, there are ALWAYS buyers. Do not worry about that part. Finding a buyer for a deeply discounted property in this market it not an issue.

In fact do you want me to share a secret with you?

Do You Want To Know The #1 Way To Have Ultra Responsive Cash Buyers Beating Down Your Door?

It’s to get a smoking hot off market deal under contract that has a lot of equity and nice margins for you and your end buyer.

Don’t Let This Be Stopping Point For You

You see too many investors allow the hurdle of not having any cash buyers become a stopping point. Do not make this mistake. Put your head down and keep marketing your business like crazy. Let people in your target market know you exist. They need to know the solutions you offer.

Sure you can begin going to local real estate events and networking and that is a healthy thing to do.

I highly recommend taking action on this and begin to build your buyers list as soon as you can. It is a lot of fun and the relationships that can be made, can serve you for years to come!