I get asked all the time “Do I Need A Website For My Real Estate Wholesaling and Real Estate Investing Business?”

In this video I wanted to hop on camera and give you some helpful information on this important question so that you can know exactly what to do and you won’t let this roadblock waste your time or your money.

Should You Setup A Real Estate Website?

We’re going to dive into the in’s and out’s of whether it makes sense and what your options are in this video – check it out and comment below!

3 Benefits Of Having Your Own Real Estate Website

You don’t “need” a website however if you have even a little bit of a marketing budget there are some major benefits to having a website.

 1) A website WILL definitely help your business by adding credibility and validity to what you are doing. Customers will be able to pull up your website and automatically that gives you some measure of credibility and validity in their eyes.

 2) It’s another avenue for you to market your services and to generate leads for your business! You can put this website on your business cards, in your email tagline and on your social media profiles.

3) The psychological factor. Having a website means you’re in business. This mental boost is quite helpful. In the beginning ANYTHING that helps your confidence is a good thing.

If you’re able to swing $47 per month in your marketing budget then it does makes sense to have a website for the above 3 benefits.

The next question becomes how do I setup it up? What service do I use?

And of course there are a LOT of options when it comes to real estate websites.


Which one do I personally recommend?

Investor Carrot

If you want to have a good real estate investing website without breaking the bank or knowing a bunch of computer programming or coding then I’d recommend you to use Investor Carrot.

* In full disclosure, if you click this link I will make a very small commission from them. I could CARELESS about the tiny commission. I just believe in transparency. 

This is what I have all of my coaching and mentoring students use. They are very very good. They have great customer service if you have any questions whatsoever and they also provide great resources for SEO training and PPC to get leads flooding to your website.

More than anything they make it very simple to use – which is everything. You can have your own SEO’d real estate website up within the next couple of hours! It’s polished, it’s professional and it’s customizable.

Pro Tip: Make a killer “about page” with a personal video so that it doesn’t look like a templated website and so you stand out. I heard a savy investor mention one time that they always click through the different sites in their market and they only do business with people who take time to build out there about section of who they are and how they can serve people. Why? Because it shows they are thinking of their customers/sellers first.

Implement that tip and take that to the bank 🙂

A Word of Caution About Your Real Estate Website

I’ve worked with many students who have simply not had the marketing funds to afford a website and who have STILL went out and accomplished their first deals.  I’ve had multiple students do their first 3-5 deals and bring in near $50,000 in revenue before getting their first website up and running.

You can look at that as good news or bad news! LOL. It’s good because it’s still possible to succeed without a website. It’s bad because you really don’t have an excuse for not taking action 🙂


Don’t let anyone tell you that you HAVE TO HAVE A WEBSITE to succeed, because it’s not true.

Start where you are and if you have the marketing budget for it, then it probably makes sense to go ahead and get one setup.

If you don’t have the budget for it, that’s okay, focus all your effort on your other low cost or free marketing activities.

A couple of other things to lookout for when you’re considering setting up a real estate website are:

  • Cost: Beware of the high priced marketing firms out there who will charge you anywhere from $300-$5,000 to setup an elaborate real estate investing website for you. You don’t need anything fancy (right now). Actually often times, the more fancy – the less it will convert. When you have a BIG business and when you easily have the $5,000 to spend, then you can consider building a more elaborate site. Most people think they have to have that right out of the gates in order to succeed. Save your money and get something basic going first while you’re still learning what in the world you’re doing in the first place. That money (right now) can be better spent.


  • Overthinking: I’ve been guilty of this and I’ve seen many people fall into the trap of “getting ready to get ready.” You want to make sure not to spend too much time thinking of what your domain will be, what you want your website to look like and all the other things that go into it. Certainly those thing are important but set a deadline of 1-2 weeks tops. To decide on all that and get it up and running. I’ve seen people take 6 months and by that time all momentum in their business is gone. Over-thinking, procrastination, indecision is the plague of the entrepreneur and something that so easily entangles. Say this 10 times out loud everyday: “I am proactive. I am decisive. I am efficient. I get a lot done!”


  • Don’t getting caught up in NEEDING a website or believing that it’s the end all be all in order for you to succeed. It’s a great tool to have – sure, but YOU are what’s going to allow you to succeed or fail. Not a website or any other fancy tool for that matter.


So no matter what. Start where you are at. Do what you can. Get yourself a website if you can swing it.

Take massive action.

And don’t let ANYthing stop you from getting results.


If you do decide to get a real estate website setup for your business I’d highly recommend checking out Investor Carrot here.


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