Video Testimonials


Todd Uttapa – Full Time Police Officer in San Diego, CA working 50-60 hours per week.


Shane Harrison – 19 yrs old! (Charlotte, NC) – closed $40k worth of deals in the last 60 days!


Brandon Wallace (Delaware)


Keliko Labuanan (Charlotte, NC)


Anne Tran (Minnesota)


Brian Budhram (New York)


Victor Sanchez (California)


Manny Ventura (Rhode Island)

More Testimonials

“I only had book knowledge before taking Steve’s training and mentoring, but with he’s help and guidance I’m now working on closing my third deal, also I have develop a relationship with a multimillion-dollar buyer in my area all thanks to Steve and he’s outstanding program.”

– Wilbert Curry (Memphis, TN)

“My name is Takara, I’m a proud mother of an amazing 18 mo. old son and I’m a Real Estate Investor using wholesaling as my niche. The only reason this became my reality is because of Steven Howell! My journey began once I was blessed to come across Steve’s hotdealwholesaling webinar on YouTube. I watched this webinar about two months ago and the information he gave was priceless!! It was so compelling, I immediately started implementing his techniques and continue to do so today! If you’re on the fence and want to learn more about what Steve has to offer you, watching that webinar is a must! And you’ll have the chance to get his 10 day bootcamp! Both of these resources are FREE and very informative. I failed to mention that before watching the webinar I never considered being a real estate investor but, after watching it the pieces came together and I knew this was the true answer to my prayers! I’ve invested in Steve’s 1-on-1 mentoring program and I know it is one of the best decisions of my life!! I have yet to close on my first deal but I know and believe that in my immediate future my first deal and many more deals will be done! It’s possible because of the mentoring and partnership I have with Steve! His system is changing my LIFE in several different ways and it can do the same for yours! It’s not happening overnight but everyday I’m learning more and growing stronger in my skills and abilities. It’s a wonderful thing and what makes it even better is that I’m seeing Steve grow as well!!!! And the better he gets, the more knowledge and expertise he gives to us, his students!! Become a Warrior! The more the better!”

– Takara Sharps

“I’m constantly impressed with Steve’s marketing skills and leadership capabilities. I find him to be knowledgeable, professional and incredibly encouraging. I apply what I learned from Steve not only to my daily marketing work, but also in all aspects of my entrepreneurial journey.”

– Anne Tran

“Working with Steve was the best decision I’ve made, I was able to close my first wholesale deal working with him. Every question I had he answered and guided me through the process so I didn’t have to make the mistakes myself. The value you get from this mentoring is far greater than the investment you put in I can’t recommend this guy enough!”

-Shane Harrison

“Your videos was extremely informative and more complete than a course I paid $10,500 for!”

– Louis Flores

“Steven, we just closed our first $16,000 deal and we want to THANK YOU! You definitely making a change in the world!!” -Moshe and Gil

“I must say, your free online wholesaling training is by far the best materials that I ever came across. I actually paid 5 thousand dollars on a at home wholesaling program from probably a well known famous real estate professional in the U.S. As I have read through and listen to some of your wholesaling tactics and materials I am blown away with the direct information that you have given us and its absolutely FREE too. That’s unheard of.”

– Reinaldo Sanchez

“This was a very informative and entertaining presentation. Thank you for sharing your expertise and experience. I am looking forward to your bootcamp program.
Thank you! BTW Steve, Susan Lassiter -Lyons recommended your service. 🙂 “

– – Mary McDonough

I like how I am able to call/text/email pretty much anytime and get an answer so quickly. The fact that we do talk on the phone and role play and actually talk like human-beings instead of only via email is huge. The first 3 weeks I have not submitted any leads and in just the last 3 days I would have submitted 4 offers. You are absolutely a great mentor with a plethora of knowledge in the real estate wholesaling field when it comes to the probate process. I honestly don’t think there is anyone out there better.

– Dominick Laconis

“Steve Howell, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your information and webinars! The information that you provide is one of a kind and really helps beginning investors to grasp the basics of real estate investing and wholesaling in particular. “

– Dalton LaFrance

“Just watched your video on YouTube. I want to say thank you for the valuable insight of wholesaling. You must have the best video out there compared to many others I’ve watched!!”

– Marcos Avila

“This is one of the best webinars I’ve ever heard , I am also a Napoleon Hill fan and I have been struggling with my definite of purpose and I find this very helpful, I am blessed to have found you.”

– Rick Quesada

“Hey Steve I’m beyond floored by the nuggets shared here I’m a guy who found wholesaling a few years ago and I’ve been hustling through taking massive action but wow this is great.” –

– Eric Hunter

“Great info. Simply brilliant”

– Tiffini Johnson

“Some of the things you are sharing for free that SHOULD cost. There is an abundance of good/ juicy information in your videos and I’m studying it very closely. I want to keep you updated on my future success because I will be implementing what I learned from you. So again…Thank you!”

– Marc Whiting

“Your awesome! Thank you for being an exceptionally rare good person! Very hard to find information like this.”

– Mariah Baird

“Amazing video answered every question I need an answer for.” – Craig Holston

“Awesome info”

– NJ/Penn House Buyers

“My goodness! What an amazing video. You have definitely given me more confidence to get started in this business. I also appreciate how you’re really trying to help people and not squeeze us for the last pennies we have. Thank you!”

– Diamond Beasley

“This video is awesome! What stuck out most for me is when u stated success is fleeting unless u work on the inside. Sooo true! One must be whole, disciplined, abide by moral and integrity in order to connect with others and truly achieve because we depend on one another in this life for $$ exchanges thru hands..”

– Shavon Nejecmenic

“Hi Steve, Great video, so informative! Always wondered what the probate world was about and hence shied away from it. Your presentation makes it a very attractive and viable option for me. Would love to know more and also about the boot camp. I reside in a market that is starting to become a hot bed for investors. It will be awesome if I can score some deals! Thank you again for sharing the knowledge and inspiring in some of us the gumption to take action!”

– Nilambari Karekar

“Hi Steve, gosh let me start by saying THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!! I was drawn to this video today and even though I am a newby this hit home and resonated with me more than you know. I had already started researching the probate area because the universe laid one in my lap!! and I saw how I can do what I love (helping people) and make an income “cake and eat it too” I am very interested in the boot camp and as soon as I can do the 1 on 1 would love to be in on that. Thank you again so much for the information!”

– Jenni Baxter

“All I can say is: WOW! I truly enjoyed this the time went so quickly. I do have lots of questions that may be answered through the boot camp. If still available. Congrats to the ones that were chosen for the personal one on one program. sure wish that I was able to do that. love your honesty and help awesome information. thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge”

– Tresa Gibbs

“I really enjoyed your down to earth teaching. Also thank you for paying it forward to give a hand up to entrepreneurs new and old. I appreciate it.”

– Flipping Divas

“Steve I enjoyed watching your video and it was very impressive for me as a beginner in wholesaling. Thanks for sharing your learning experience and giving tips on how to wholesale in the real estate field.”

– Jimmy Cherry

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