Have You Been Dreaming of Being a Wholesale Real Estate Investor and Quitting Your Dreaded 9-5?


Does fear hold you back? Do you worry that you lack the skills to succeed as an entrepreneur?

Don’t let your doubts hold you back any longer! I’m here to help you uncover these eye-opening tips that will aid you in transitioning from a full-time corporate job to wholesaling.

With that in mind, check this video out below!



  • Patience will go a long way into ensuring a smooth transition from your job to wholesaling. Stress can negatively impact your business before it even takes off.
  • Entrepreneurship and regular employment do not follow the same pattern when it comes to results. Be prepared to shift your attitude.
  • Strategy and structure will help you achieve your goals. Diving into wholesaling can be frightening, which is where end time frames and blocks will come in handy.
  • Creative avoidance affects the best of us. Combatting them with executive plans will be your best chance of being a successful investor.

Here’s a Hint: Don’t Quit Your Full-Time Job Just Yet!

I get it. The job becomes more and more irritating as you learn more and more about the world of entrepreneurship and real estate investing. Before long, it’s essentially a chore getting up every morning and commuting to the office. It can be tempting to just burn your bridges now and focus everything on this new business. 


Don’t quit it, for now!


Instead, look at it from the view of gratitude. The office politics are meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Rather than dreading it, realize you have consistent money coming in! That corporate job is paying for your bills and it will go a long way in alleviating your stress so that you can work on your business without worrying about everything else on top of that.


Try to have a heart of gratitude while you’re building extra skills and more!


“Steven, why can’t I just make this investing full time NOW?”

Short answer: it’s difficult to launch anything when you’re coming from a place of sheer desperation.


Let’s say you quit your office job right here and now, and you’re trying to get your business up and running. You’re scrambling to put together leads and make deals. You’re stressed, but you’ve read dozens of stories of when someone’s back was against the wall, a miraculous breakthrough happened.


That is not a common reality for many others.


If everything hinges on you getting results in the next two to three weeks, or your business being off the ground, that’s desperation. Buyers, sellers, people you’re working with will see through that. This will only make everything all the more challenging.


That’s why keeping your job can be enormously beneficial while you’re in this transitional phase. All of the extra stress is detrimental to your new endeavor.


While you’re transitioning, I also want you to remember this!

Entrepreneurship is NOT the same thing as regular employment!


If you’re going in thinking “If I put in X hours a day, I’ll get Y results!” I need you to stop and take a step back.


Look at this with a new perspective, or more importantly, with a complete shift in attitude. I won’t sugarcoat anything. The truth of this is that entrepreneurship doesn’t follow the same equation as the corporate world. You’ll have to accept the fact that you’ll be putting in tons, tons, of hours into your business before you’ll see even a trickle of promising results. In this age of instant gratification, it can be a huge system shock. It may be entirely different than what you’ve grown used to, than what you’ve been conditioned to in other industries.


It can be scary and you may start to second guess yourself.


Remember, none of this means you’ll never reach the level of success you see in testimonials. That is still possible! Why else would there be more millionaires in real estate than almost any other industries? This can still very much become a reality for you, and being aware of these hidden obstacles can put you ahead of others!

I’m not telling you all of this to scare you off or to make you give up. I just want you to be aware of these challenges because they are often ignored and I myself had to go through them before I learned the skills that I will be teaching you here.


Set up an End Time Frame

You won’t be stuck with your office job for long. Setting up an end time frame can give you that sweet boost in motivation to get your business set up. 


Let’s say you want to quit your job in 90 days, or maybe six months. That gives you that frame to get everything together, to get marketing and consistent leads coming in before you make that jump. Remember, don’t make it too far in advance! Making it a goal of quitting your job in three years versus six months may make it more difficult to visualize your goals.


Working in time blocks can help you prioritize and plan

Making executive plans by dividing them into time blocks and blocking off hours dedicated to your business each day and week can go a long, long way. It’s much easier to set up objectives and to meet your targets, which can stave off other challenges that may crop up, such as creative avoidance.


What is creative avoidance?

Jumping into something new, such as wholesaling houses full time, can be terrifying. Making calls to distressed homeowners, meeting new people, and creating networks can give you cold feet no matter how many webinars you attend or how many videos you drown yourself in. It’s appealing to retreat back to your comfort zone and take a break.


One break turns into two, and next thing you know, you haven’t accomplished anything and you’re surfing around on Netflix instead of researching new leads. I’ve been there.


That’s why having a detailed game plan for each day is a critical tool in your arsenal to avoid creative avoidance. Setting up a few hours each day and blocking those off so that you can devote 100% of yourself to reaching the specific goals you set up will then lead to you seeing the same consistency levels of success that you’ve seen others achieved.


To summarize all of this up, YOU have to put in the time and effort if you truly want to transition from a full-time corporate job to wholesale real estate investing.


To your success,

Steven Howell



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