Why Get A Wholesale Real Estate Investing Mentor?

If you’re kicking around the idea of starting a career in real estate investing – or if you’ve already started looking for deals – you want to get to your income and lifestyle goals as fast as possible. That’s just how we humans are wired.

So working with a mentor might seem like just an extra step that will drag out the whole process and push your goals even further away. (Plus, it’s another expense – and if you’ve already spend hundreds (or thousands) on courses/seminars/workshops, you’re probably wondering if you should be shelling out even more money for a mentor. But in real estate, having a mentor is absolutely critical!

Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Your mentor can help you avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes. Just one investing mistake can potentially ruin your chances of profiting from a deal… and can even destroy your finances! Not only that, but simple mistakes can waste weeks or months of your time (and leave you feeling frustrated and ready to throw in the towel)! But a good mentor can help you learn from their own past mistakes, so you won’t have to worry about making them yourself!

  • You’ll develop the skills and habits to consistently grow your income. Real estate entrepreneurship isn’t all about negotiating prices and taking checks to the bank. The most successful investors have learned how to keep things organized, develop personal discipline, block out time for recharging, family, and fun, and other essential skills. Your mentor can help you build these skills so that you can make more money with less effort and frustration!

  • You’ll build a long-term plan for yourself. Ever tried to drive somewhere without knowing where you’re going? Of course not – you’d never get there! The same is true with real estate entrepreneurship – you need a detailed plan (including specific, measurable goals) to avoid getting distracted by all of the “shiny objects” out there. Working with an experienced mentor will help you build your business plan… making your success not only possible, but virtually inevitable!

  • You’ll have a sounding board for working out ideas. That duplex property in an “emerging” area of town might sound like an amazing deal… but is it really as great of an opportunity as you think? Your mentor can help you break things down and uncover potential opportunities and pitfalls that you would have completely missed on your own. Passing on just one bad deal (or jumping on an opportunity that you would have otherwise overlooked) is well worth your investment in a mentor!

If I had to do things over, I would have hired a mentor before I ever even attempted my first deal. That’s why I strive to be the best mentor possible – I don’t want you to have the same rough, mistake-laden path to success that I had.

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Can You Really Help Me Succeed, Steven?

Investing your hard earned money into a one on one mentoring relationship is a very big decision. It’s a critical one in fact. So let’s dive a little deeper down this rabbit hole. I have two simple questions for you to make sure I’m talking to the right person…

Are You Sick & Tired Of Not Getting The Results You Want
In Real Estate Investing?
Do You Know That You Were Meant To Do Something Great & You At
Least Have A Hunch That Having A Successful Real Estate Business Might
Be “It” For You?

The fact that you’ve come to the exact right spot today will become crystal clear as you keep reading. Obviously!  🙂

In all seriousness, I’m super glad to have you are here. It’s something I don’t take lightly and I think it’s wise that you’re doing your research about getting a real estate mentor and coach to help you get better and faster results.

So you’re probably wondering…

Who Exactly Is This For?

Three types of people:

  • Maybe you’re a brand new investor looking to get started on the right foot. You want to avoid making the very costly mistakes that most, if not all new investors make. Mistakes that end up costing you lots of money, time, embarrassment and pain. Mistakes that unfortunately end a lot of investors real estate careers before they even get started.

  • Maybe you’ve been at this a little while and you’ve tried just about every other option in the book and this is your last effort to make this work. You’ve been to the seminars, bought the books, the courses, watched all the training events. And heck, maybe you’ve been out there mixing it up, making offers, marketing, talking to people. Maybe you’ve even gotten a few deals under contract that have fallen through. But you’ve yet to get the results that you’re looking for.

  • Maybe you’re an intermediate-experienced investor whose even done a few deals and now you’re looking for more systematic way of doing things so you can take your business to the next level.

If any of the above reasons describes your situation, then you’re gonna love this. My mentoring program was designed with you in mind. Stick with me here.

You’re going to find my elite one-on-one mentoring program very refreshing and different from everything else you’ve seen before. And that’s a good thing!

I’m excited to help you come up with a unique and personal game plan that is specific to your situation and your goals. I don’t believe in a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach. You’re unique and so is my help for you.

Steven, In A Nutshell, What Are You Going To Help Me Accomplish?

I’m going to help you radically cut your learning curve and get results much faster and easier than you would on your own. I mean that is the whole purpose of getting a “mentor” or “coach” right?

In the effort of keeping things simple. That is it right there. That’s what we are after. To cut your learning curve and to help you get results faster and easier than you would on your own. If we can simply accomplish that purpose right there, then boom, that’s a huge accomplishment!


Why Is It So Critically Important To Get A Real Estate Mentor?

I want you to play along with me here for a second. Tally this up as we go. By getting a true mentor :

  • You get to avoid the costly mistakes that most if not all new investors make. You get faster, better and more consistent results.

  • You get a new friend/partner/long term connection (me) who has a vested interest in your success and truly cares.

  • You get all of the marketing materials and resources that you need in order to run your business successfully.

  • You have a second pair of eyes and a voice of reason to give the proper perspective on your leads and deals, which is CRITICAL.

  • And if that wasn’t enough, you finally start to cultivate real belief that success is actually possible for you because you’re no longer alone. You’re no longer questioning and fearing every move that needs to be made.

Eureka, I think we’ve got something here! I mean that’s some pretty powerful stuff, right?

But what if we took it a step further? Because this really isn’t all about me. It’s about YOU. And what you can and will become!

You see..

A good coach will make his players see what they can become rather than what they are.” – Ara Parseghian

What if in addition to the things mentioned above you got the best prize of all?

Not the money, the house, the cars, the ability to quit your job and travel. Those are all nice things, and you’ll likely get those thrown in as a bonus, if you do this right.

But that’s not the best part.

Do you wanna know the best part?

It’s the person you become in the process!

The NEW you. A warrior.
A champion.

You become a confident, self sufficient real estate investor with a thriving business, systems in place and a very specific set of new skills (that you will take with you for the rest of your life and in all areas of your life)… NOW WE ARE REALLY TALKING.

And interestingly enough this is my main goal and purpose in life. It’s why I believe I was put here on this earth. It’s to build up men/women and help them to become warriors in their craft which happens to be real estate investing.

It’s the whole teach a man or woman to fish concept here…

So That’s Exactly What You and I Are Going To Accomplish Inside My Elite One-on-One Mentoring Program – Together.

No longer will you be alone.

So if that sounds like something that you want to experience, then what I want you to do right now is fill out this short application so I can get a snapshot of your situation and then we’ll setup a time for us to hop on a phone call.

Again, this isn’t like other programs that you may have experienced. I’m not going to have you talking with one of my “team members” with a fancy title like… “Senior Marketing Strategy Specialist” – LOL so cheesy! No you’re going to be speaking and dealing with me directly.

If that’s music to your ears and you know in your heart that’s what you need…

Here’s Exactly What You Need To Do Right Now:

Picture yourself for just a moment building your business. Doing the work. And actually achieving your goal. Play along here with me again for just a second and picture that.

Actually picture it. <—-

Imagine yourself 12 months from now actually accomplishing “your why”, that reason that caused you to pursue real estate in the first place…

Whether you’re looking to build a real estate business to…

  • Quit that dreaded 9-5 job

  • Pay off student loans or other debt

  • To be able to spend more time with your spouse, kids, or loved ones

  • To be able to travel and see the world

  • To be able to help others, your church or community and to be able to give back

  • To have FREEDOM to do what you want, when you want and how you want

Whatever the reason is for you, I know it’s personal. It’s deep and it’s important. That’s why you’re on this page. I totally get it. And that’s why I’ve designed my mentoring program to be just as personal, because that’s what it takes.

Now imagine yourself doing the work. Step by step. Going through all the hurdles. All the obstacles.

Now ask yourself: Are you going to accomplish your goal faster on your own or with help? Be honest with yourself.

Now for whatever reason if you haven’t already clicked above to submit your application, you might still be trying to decide if this is right for you and I totally respect that.

Steven This Is NOT So Sexy…

Another thing you want to consider is not going to be the sexiest topic. I’m just gonna say that upfront. I’ll admit that…but I’m going to say it anyways 🙂

Because as a mentor and as a leader I’m not always going to tell you what you want to hear, but I’m committed to telling you what you may need to hear.

So here is what I want you to consider, because another HUGE reason for getting a mentor is so that you avoid the very common pitfalls and mistakes that most people make. It’s to help you avoid pain. Pain in terms of wasted time, money, embarrassment.

So consider this…

What Is It Costing You (And Potentially Your Family) By Going At This Real Estate Thing Alone?

What I want you to think about for the moment is the cost of not doing this one-on-one mentoring program. The cost of not getting a mentor. Sure you may have a book, course, DVD, seminar, workbook, home study program or even group coaching.

Those things have value. And I bought them all too. But I didn’t succeed with them. My guess is you haven’t either? At least not the level of success you want. These things gave me basic knowledge. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about one person whom you have their cell phone number and they’re going to personally be there for you day in and day out to help you with every single lead and obstacle in your business.

Do you have this person right now? Because it’s honestly what it takes.

So with that perspective in mind, what is it going to cost you in terms of (time, money, pain) to figure this out on your own?

I’ll tell you about my story here in just a moment below.

Whether you’re a current investor trying to gain more momentum and have a systematic way of running your business or you’re brand new…

How Would You Like To:

  • Know exactly what to spend your time on (do this first, this second, this third)

  • Know exactly what marketing to do in this current hot market to get high quality leads pouring in (without breaking the bank and spending thousands)

  • Be doing the OPPOSITE of what other investors and NEWBIES are doing so that you can rise to the top and care less about so-called competition.

  • Have supreme money-making confidence with each step you take because you have someone with years of experience in your corner coaching you through each aspect of your business.

Can You Imagine How Much Second Guessing and Fear This Would Eliminate?

If you could finally get a straight honest answer on exactly what you needed to do NEXT.

Specifically, things like:

  • Exactly what marketing to do based on your personality, your situation and your budget to get the very best leads coming in.

  • How to speak with these leads (people) to get the specific information you need in order to make a wise decisions and disciplined offers.

  • How to process leads much faster by knowing exactly what triggers to look for everytime

  • How to build your business lean and efficient so as to not waste money on stuff you don’t need.

  • How to speak with seller’s and buyers without being sleazy or salesly (this is so helpful if you’re an introvert like me)

  • How to go about calculating and making offers

  • How in the world to fill out contracts

  • Negotiating with seller’s and attorney’s

  • Talking with buyers and title companies

  • Getting your deals to the closing table and getting CASH in hand!

  • After you get your first deal how do you go after the low hanging fruit and scale your business wisely

And this is just the tip of the iceberg…

So if you have me in your back pocket helping you with all of these things and more, can you imagine what happens to all the fear, all the questioning yourself and the flip flopping back and forth?

It begins to melt away. You begin to soar with new found confidence. Confidence you didn’t even know you had.

Meet “Jennifer”

Speaking of confidence you didn’t know you had. I wanna share a quick story with you from one of my mentoring students. For sake of privacy reasons and the intimate details I’ll change her name and location so that she stays anonymous. We’ll call her Jennifer and say she’s from Oklahoma.

So one afternoon as I was having a coaching call with Jennifer and she began telling me how she was being told that she sounded like she was a telemarketer. Which is obviously not fun to hear right? I mean who wants to hear that? Talk about a blow to your confidence level. If a seller tells you to STOP calling because you sound like a scummy telemarketer! OUCH.

So I knew this particular call needed to become a role-playing call for Jennifer. Talking with people is an important skill in real estate. But we don’t have to do it in a sleezy way and we don’t have to pressure people. And simply, Jennifer didn’t feel quite comfortable on the phone yet.

Maybe You Can Relate?

Anyhow, Jennifer began to explain to me how over the years she suffered from really really low self-confidence. She was in an abusive relationship for years. She was working full time while raising 3 kids on her own because her significant other was in and out of prison.

As we began to role play I quickly realized that she did in fact sound a little bit like a telemarketer calling. So I began to work with Jennifer step by step with what to say and on her tone of voice, her pace of conversation and the exact right questions to ask at the right time. I’d pretend that I was calling her and she was the seller, so she could see how I would do the same call and handle similar objections. Then we’d switch so she could practice and I’d give her feedback.

I love doing this with my students and it really helps them to breakthrough. Just about every time.

It was awesome and I could tell there was a light bulb going off for Jennifer.

A few weeks later I got a text from Jennifer letting me know that the quality of her calls had improved tremendously and that she had scored a lunch with a real estate attorney in her area. She told me she was now networking more and beginning to make important connections. She said was getting really good at building rapport and that she was having much more success on her calls.

She told me very bluntly that having me in her corner was the difference maker for her and that she could barely express how great this has been for her confidence levels. That her whole perspective and outlook on life was changing. How she was now having powerful meetings with big attorneys in her city. How she was now making offers and marketing her business much more effectively.

She was no longer stuck in study mode. She was out there mixing it up. When Jennifer told me from the bottom of heart that working with me was changing her life it almost brought me to tears. I told her that what she had mentioned to me was a one of the highest compliments I could receive. I absolutely love what I do and this is a perfect example of why.

A quick side note…

I have people every single week that come to me who have already invested HUGE amounts of money, sometimes north of $30,000 into these big national real estate programs who are just like Jennifer. They have all the materials they could ever ask for but when they need personal support they are left calling into a hotline or call center. People like Jennifer who have specific questions and need to talk with a real person who actually cares about them. The sad part is that even after they spend such large amounts of money they still don’t get the personal support they need.

This type of thing is sickening and it happens all the time.

I tell you this because I refuse to outsource my mentoring program to a fulfillment or call center. All of my mentoring is done with me personally. You will not be just a number and I do not do group coaching. It’s personally done, and done with care. Just like with Jennifer, I will take a vested interest in your success.

Fresh Input

I remember one time I heard my mentor say something that always stuck with me. He said:

“The successful person isn’t any better than you. They simply know something that you don’t.”

Pretty powerful, right? So how do we change this so we can become successful?

By getting new input. And not just new input, but the right input from someone who’s been where you want to go.

He also told me when I was trying to breakthrough in my real estate career:

“Steven, you’re very best thinking has gotten you this far, isn’t it time for some fresh input?”


The things that seemed impossible before suddenly became a 100 times easier. It felt like I had my own personal James Bond speaking in my ear telling me exactly what to say and do.

More on this in just a minute. I’ll tell you all about how all that my mentor was rubbed off on me.

Who Is This Not For?

This is NOT going to be for everyone and I designed it that way. I want to be very clear here. I’m not saying you’re going to magically succeed overnight.

If you’re looking for some kind of magic pill or get rich quick program, this is absolutely not for you. That type of thing does NOT exist. This like anything worthwhile does take time and effort. However when you get laser focused and clear away the clutter, it’s amazing what can happen within a couple weeks to a couple months.

Golden Nugget:
The BEST Way To Learn Is By DOING

See one of the secrets of becoming a successful real estate investor is that you must learn the business by actually DOING the business (in the real world).

It’s critical that you come out from behind the computer screen, out of that chair in the seminar and do specific things to actually get results.

The PROBLEM is….

When you begin to take action in the real world and begin DOING things on your own, it can be downright SCARY as all HECK. Ask me how I know. I spent three years trying and failing on my own. Second guessing myself every step of the way.

I mean what if:

  • You look foolish

  • Someone calls you out on being a beginner

  • You get beat out by your competition

  • You fill out a contract wrong and you actually have to buy the property

  • You get sued

  • You lose your hard earned money on wasted marketing efforts

  • Waste precious time away from your family trying to get this real estate thing to work

  • Completely fall flat on your face and fail

  • Embarrass yourself in front of your family and friends

These are all very normal and logical questions and fears that are likely going to run through your mind. I know they definitely ran through my mind. Repeatedly!

When you allow any one of these thoughts (or a dozen other similar thoughts) to creep into your mind and stay there, it can have a damaging effect on your results. In fact it can cripple you. Many investors call it quits long before reaching their goals for this very reason.


I mean, let’s be honest, if any of those above thoughts creep into your mind, how confident are you really gonna be when you’re talking with a seller?

That’s right. Not very 🙁

Now I’m not trying to scare you here. However I don’t believe in sugarcoating things. I want you tell you exactly how it is. There is a reason I am speaking so directly.

The reason is that I want to speak right through all the fluff and right to your heart. If you’re supposed to hear this, then you will. So stay with me here for a second, because I’m about to turn up the heat in a really good way 🙂

First another piece of sage advice:

“You will seldom improve your situation if you have no one to copy but yourself. Why? Because yourself can be an idiot!”

How Foolish I Was – Utter Failure

Let me give you an example of how foolish I was when I started…

I remember one time getting a property under contract for $99k and thinking it was worth $175-200k when in fact it was really only worth $100k. This fact was completely oblivious to me at the time. I didn’t see it. I knew all the formulas from the courses and programs I had bought. I ran the numbers just like they taught me to. I was confident I was about to do my first deal! [So I thought … LOL]

I remember smiling as I was sitting at my laptop in my living room blasting this out to all of my cash buyers telling them how amazing this deal was and how much money they were going to make on it. And I thought to myself….  “after this they’re gonna be begging me for more deals just like it!”

I remember talking with the seller’s about how fast we were gonna do this deal. I was fired up and ready to make this happen. Ready to do my first deal! It had been long enough for crying out loud.

So after I sent it out to my buyers I decided I wanted to hold an open house. A shotgun style event to try to find a buyer within the first weekend or two. I was confident this thing was gonna be slam packed. I mean after all I had a $175-200k that I was letting go for $109k. They were the lucky ones 🙂  Talk about an amazing deal!

Well I held the open house.

No one came.

Complete crickets.

I was devastated.

My wife even bought cookies and pretzels. Balloons for Pete sake. Come on Pete – you’re killin’ me!!

After a few weeks of ramming my head into what felt like a brick wall – I finally I had a gracious buyer show me how my calculations on the property were completely off.

Long story short, I had to end up canceling the contract with the seller and the deal fell through.

Talk about mortifying. It was down right embarrassing. Deflating. And for sure, humbling. I had failed in front of my wife, my friends, my family and even some co workers I had told at the time.

So if you’re down right now or if you’re spinning your wheels. Trust me when I say I know how you feel!

Looking back I’m very grateful for the pain and the lesson in it. You see, I had the passion. I had the right intentions. I had the drive. But I had to be honest with myself.


You Simply Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

I didn’t know at the time how valuable it was to have someone there as a voice of reason, a second pair of eyes looking at my business from a different angle, from a different perspective.

I didn’t really “get” the value of having someone in my corner like this until I saw my mentor at the time who was making over a half million a year (and who had been doing so for quite a few years in a row) tell me that he still always had his partner look over his deals to give a fresh perspective on things.

He said:

“There’s always something that you’re not seeing. Oftentimes having someone who you really trust look at it from a slightly different angle and with fresh eyes can offer up the perfect solution.”

Talk about wisdom and humility. Most people who get to that level of success think they know it all. Nope, not him. I knew something was different about him.

Later after we developed a certain level of trust in our mentoring relationship, he would even asked me for my opinion and ideas on growing the business. My feedback on his leads, deals, and marketing. Do you know what this did for my confidence?

It was transformational. <–( Don’t think that’s a word – but I’m going with it. Feels right to me. Totally should be a word.)

This was a light bulb moment that I’ll never forget. Here he was wildly successful at a ripe age of 30 and he was still getting fresh insight everyday in his business.

Rewind to my foolish mistake I made with my failed deal – I simply didn’t know what I didn’t know.

You see I’d been burnt before. I bought all the courses, went to the seminars, paid well over $10,000 for the high level mentoring programs.

When I had questions I would have to dial into a 1-800 number and speak with a “transaction specialist” who often times would NEVER really answered my question directly. I really felt like they were just hired to read from a manual. And they certainly weren’t invested in my success. There was no personal relationship there.

And see that’s the thing about these big national programs. They are concerned with VOLUME. Pumping people through.

Often times I was disappointed, discouraged and about ready to give up.

Maybe you can relate?

See you can read all the books you want, know all the formulas like I did and attend all the seminars in the universe, but without personal guidance and support from someone who is already doing what you want to be doing … You will have a very difficult time. I know I sure did.

Recapping This Lesson – Action Must Be Taken:

Success in real estate requires you to step out from behind the computer or from your seminar chair and to TAKE ACTION, specific action, repeatedly, in a specific way… in the real world.

The problem is there is when you do this it can be CRIPPLING and VERY SCARY for most people. I know it was for me.

Now, another dose of “realness” is just because you feel “scared” doesn’t change the FACT that action must still be taken.

So the question becomes how in the world do you get through this hurdle?

You get through this hurdle by not doing it alone. By getting a mentor.

You see I actually have never met a successful investor who has done it all on their own. Every single successful real estate investor that I have ever met, whose had any measure of success has mastered there skills and learned directly from a one-on-one mentor. Every single one of them.

Now above I mentioned I would tell you my transition to real estate success.

The REAL Secret Behind My Success

I attribute at least 50% of my success, if not more to MY original mentors in real estate whose biggest service to me was showing me what was truly possible. I would’ve never have thought what I’m doing was possible had I not personally witnessed it in their life with my own two eyeballs.

You see I came across two brothers who do the same exact thing I will be teaching you to do. At the time of me coming under their wing they were doing somewhere around half a million a year (and had been for a while) and had 140 rental units in my area. Now they have 300 rentals and and are making who knows how many millions. Did I mention they had been doing this since they were 18 years old and when I met them they were only 30 years old at the time? Yeah. True story.

You can spend all you want on books, training, seminars and education …And those things have value. Often times though, the end results is that you feel motivated for maybe a couple of days but it doesn’t last.

More importantly, YOU DON’T GET RESULTS.

If You Want To Succeed You MUST Surround Yourself With Positive And Successful People Who Are Already Crushing It!

You need to learn directly from someone who is successful. I spent three years trying to figure out the real estate game before I actually completed a wholesale transaction. I read books, attended seminars, made offers, talked to everyone I could about real estate.

But it wasn’t until I came under the wing of these two VERY successful wholesalers here in Ohio in an apprenticeship-type relationship (very similar to the one I will be providing you with) that I finally started making money.

I will be forever grateful for what they taught me. Simple being able to hangout with them did all the transforming I would need. Their tone of voice, their confidence, their demeanor, it all began to rub off on me.

Most of our relationship was virtual, but having them in my corner telling me exactly how to do with my marketing to get super high quality leads pouring in, how brand my business, what to say to seller’s, how to overcome objections, how to write my emails, how to make my offers, when to go on appointments, how to go on appointments, how to fill out contracts, how to negotiate, etc.

Seeing and hearing how they did things, how they marketed, how they talked to people, how they networked, and went on appointments, modeling exactly how they delivered their offers. It all rubbed off on me! It changed me forever and imprinted on me the tools I needed to succeed.

Have you ever heard of these things in our brains called mirror neurons? Ever wondered why after hanging out with certain friends or meeting a new acquaintance – you start to talk like them. Even act like them and have similar mannerisms as they do.

We are who we surround ourselves with. If you want to be successful then you must surround yourself with successful people.

I’ll end this page with a final lesson that forced me to realize that in order to succeed I needed to …

Follow A Proven Path To Success Instead Of Re-Inventing The Wheel

So that’s exactly what I did. I became an absolute magnet and did exactly what my mentors told me to do. I modeled them.

What was the result after I finally came under their wing, burned all my bridges and did exactly what they told me? Not even 90 days later I had finally did my first $25,000 deal and the rest was history.

So My Friend. Let’s Bring This Back Full Circle To Why You’ve Read This Full Page.

Are You Tired Of Spinning Your Wheels?

Are you Ready To Finally Get Some Personal One on One Help and Guidance?

Then, Let’s Do This Together!

Get a Mentor (Me), Radically Reduce Your Learning Curve, Become Wealthy, Quit Your Job, And Be FREE!

I Did It And So Can YOU!

THE SMARTEST, FASTEST, ABSOLUTE BEST Way To Get Results In Real Estate. Period.

I’ve put together the best and most personal mentoring program on the planet. Hands down. It works like a charm and is a ton of fun for both myself and my clients. I’ve designed this in a way so that it is the fastest, easiest and simplest way for you to learn and get results in real estate.

So if you are interested in private and very personal 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring…

I wanna make sure this is a good fit for both you and me. Everything’s out in the open and if you have any questions whatsoever you’ll have the opportunity to discuss them with me on your free call with me.

I look forward to speaking with you! I’m ready if you are.

To Your Success,

p.s. I believe in leading with value. If you’d like to get a taste of some of my best free training, you can do so clicking “Case Study Training” and subscribing or by opting in on the home page of my website here. By subscribing to this training you’ll get a taste for my training style plus I have a couple of other cool bonuses for you to help kick off our relationship the right way! Sound good?

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I appreciate you.